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Ray Optics Module Updates
  1. Geometrical Optics
  2. Geometrical Optics in Absorbing Media.
  3. Tracing of the Poynting flux in a Stratified Absorbing Medium: The Geometrical Optics Field
  4. Reflection, Transmission, and Absorption

Geometrical Theory of Optical Imaging 4. The Characteristic Functions of Hamilton 4.

Geometrical Optics

The Point Characteristic 4. The Mixed Characteristic 4. The Angle Characteristic 4. Perfect Imaging 4. General Theorems 4. Maxwell's "Fish-Eye" 4. Stigmatic Imaging of Surfaces 4. Projective Transformation Collineation with Axial Symmetry 4. General Formula 4. The Telescopic Case 4.

Geometrical Optics in Absorbing Media.

Classification of Projective Transformations 4. Combination of Projective Transformations 4. Gaussian Optics 4. Refracting Surface of Revolution 4. Reflecting Surface of Revolution 4. The Thick Lens 4. The Thin Lens 4. The General Centered System 4. Stigmatic Imaging with Wide-angle Pencils 4.

The Sine Condition 4. The Herschel Condition 4. Astigmatic Pencils of Rays 4. Focal Properties of a Thin Pencil 4. Refraction of a Thin Pencil 4. Chromatic Aberration. Dispersion by a Prism 4. Chromatic Aberration 4. Photometry and Apertures 4.

Basic Concepts of Photometry 4. Stops and Pupils 4.

Tracing of the Poynting flux in a Stratified Absorbing Medium: The Geometrical Optics Field

Brightness and Illumination of Images 4. Ray Tracing 4. Oblique Meridional Rays 4. Paraxial Rays 4. Skew Rays 4. Design of Aspheric Surfaces 4. Attainment of Axial Stigmatism 4. Attainment of Aplanatism V. Geometrical Theory of Aberrations 5. Wave and Ray Aberrations; the Aberration Function 5. The Perturbation Eikonal of Schwarzschild 5. The Primary Seidel Aberrations 5. Addition Theorem for the Primary Aberrations 5.

Petzval's Theorem 5. Image-Forming Instruments 6. The Eye 6. The Camera 6. The Refracting Telescope 6. The Reflecting Telescope 6. Instruments of Illumination 6. The Microscope VII. Elements of the Theory of Interference and Interferometers 7.

Introduction 7. Interference of Two Monochromatic Waves 7. Young's Experiment 7. Fresnel's Mirrors and Similar Arrangements 7. Fringes with Quasi-Monochromatic and White Light 7. Use of Slit Sources; Visibility of Fringes 7. Standing Waves 7. Two-Beam Interference: Division of Amplitude 7. Fringes with a Plane Parallel Plate 7. Fringes with Thin Films; the Fizeau Interferometer 7.

Localization of Fringes 7. The Michelson Interferometer 7. The Twyman-Green and Related Interferometers 7.

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Multiple-Beam Interference 7. The Fabry-Perot Interferometer 7. The Lummer-Gehrcke Interferometer 7. Interference Filters 7.

Multiple-Beam Fringes with Thin Films 7. Elements of the Theory of Diffraction 8. Introduction 8. The Huygens-Fresnel Principle 8. Kirchhoff's Diffraction Theory 8.

Reflection, Transmission, and Absorption

The Integral Theorem of Kirchhoff 8. Fraunhofer and Fresnel Diffraction 8. Transition to a Scalar Theory 8. The Image Field Due to a Monochromatic oscillator 8. The Total Image Field 8. Fraunhofer Diffraction at Apertures of Various Forms 8. The Rectangular Aperture and the Slit 8. The Circular Aperture 8. Other Forms of Aperture 8.

Fraunhofer Diffraction in Optical Instruments 8. Diffraction Gratings 8. Resolving Power of Image-forming Systems 8.

Plane Mirrors - Geometric Optics - Doc Physics

Image Formation in the Microscope 8. Fresnel Diffraction at a Straight Edge 8. The Diffraction Integral 8.