Manual IFRS and US GAAP, with Website: A Comprehensive Comparison

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  1. IFRS Basics – Comparison with US GAAP Course - IASeminars
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  3. Best E-book IFRS and US GAAP: A Comprehensive Comparison, with Website (Wiley Regulatory
  4. IFRS and US GAAP, with Website (A Comprehensive Comparison)

Then the book becomes your ally. This guide book is similar in nature.

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Accounting professionals in the world should pick this book up and read, refer, and go back to again and again. This accounting standard book can also be used as a training manual for CPAs. This book should be kept at the desk of the accounting department and whenever someone feels the need to clear their doubts about GAAP can check the book out. If you read one comprehensive guide on GAAP, read this book.

IFRS Basics – Comparison with US GAAP Course - IASeminars

But keep this book as fundamentals of accounting standards and read the updates from any of the above books we mentioned. Now why this book is very useful? First of all, this book is very well structured. As accounting students and professionals, this book will always remain handy for all your accounting needs and tax purposes. The solution to this is to keep this book with you always and refer to it whenever you have a doubt about anything.

This guide is yet to be released, but if you run a non-profit, this is a great book for reference. As you can see that this book is yet to be released, but the pre-order already started. It is only pages long as it is only focused on not-for-profit.

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If you work in a non-profit as an accountant, this book would be your ultimate guide to make any crucial decision. If you are running a not-for-profit, there can be a thousand things that can bother you about what rules and regulations to follow. This book will aid you and assist you in making right decisions.

Normally, IFRS documents are of thousands and thousands of pages which make things difficult for accounting professionals. It has all accounting standards you require under IFRS and it is just of pages.

AU $113.66

As accounting professional you can refer to it whenever you feel the need to. Moreover, if you plan to become an accounting professional, this volume will become an invaluable resource to you. This book is not updated, but this book will give you clarity and understand of what IFRS means.

CFA Level I - US GAAP vs IFRS - Part I (of 2)

You will learn more than you think — you would get to know the breakdown of IFRS, how IFRS affects financial statements, and also method for finding solutions for difficult problems. Moreover, if you are trying to understand IFRS for the first time, then you should start with this dummies guide. This book is arranged in such a manner that if you read it through section by section, you will be able to gain maximum benefit out of it.

This book is an essential guide for learning IFRS. As accounting professionals, you may need to go through a lot of transactions and you find difficulty in entering the complex ones.

But this book will help you. You can have a look at the book, open up the section, and then look for the right treatment in the book. In a nutshell, this book is an essential guide for all accounting professionals.

Best E-book IFRS and US GAAP: A Comprehensive Comparison, with Website (Wiley Regulatory

How would you do it? Just grab this book and everything will become easy for you. In a nifty little of pages, this book will show you to report fixed assets, revenue recognition, capital leases etc. The only pitfall of this book is that it misses out on tables which readers mentioned could have been a great addition to this book; but this book has a great companion website through which you can access a lot of resources.

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This book is a gem and the first of its kind. But very few books consider the difference among various accounting standards and try to establish a relationship with each of them. Inventory under IFRS is carried at the lower of cost or net realizable value , which is the estimated selling price minus costs of completion and other costs necessary to make a sale. GAAP does not allow for assets to be revalued; IFRS allows for some revaluation based on fair value, as long as it is completed regularly.

The depreciation of long-lived assets is very uncommon, though technically allowable, under GAAP; it is required under IFRS if the asset's components have "differing patterns of benefit. Long-lived investment assets are separately defined by the IASB and are normally accounted for on a historical cost basis.

IFRS and US GAAP, with Website (A Comprehensive Comparison)

Property is only held for use or held for sale. Impairment losses for long-lived assets under GAAP are calculated as the amount of the asset exceeding fair value. Under IFRS, such assets are calculated as the amount an asset exceeds "recoverable amount," or the higher figure between fair value less costs to sell or value in use. Companies that report under IFRS are required to compile and publish a balance sheet , income statement , changes in equity document, cash flow statement and all associated footnotes.

The FASB requires all of these as well and adds in statements about comprehensive income. GAAP is considered to be rules-based, meaning rules are made for specific cases and do not necessarily represent a larger principle. IFRS is principles-based and, in that way, more consistent. Investopedia uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Investopedia, you accept our. Your Money.