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  1. Reforming a Literary Orphan: Stevie Smith's Poetry in Context
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Reforming a Literary Orphan: Stevie Smith's Poetry in Context

Although the topic in general has attracted a lot of research, the study of full inversion in speech has been neglected. The corpora are well chosen. The ICE corpus is, for example, excellent for identifying full inversion automatically. The corpus also makes it possible to give detailed information about the frequencies of different types of inversion in speech and writing or fiction and non-fiction and test hypotheses in previous work. The author makes excellent use of the Finnish linguist N-E. The idea that the full inversion structure can be regarded as a construction with variations from a more salient or prototypical construction is very promising for future research.

Laura Cano Mora. Hyperbole in Spoken English. It covers an impressive historical and literary breadth, ranging from canonical texts e. Its principal contribution is the establishment of productive links between the study of literature, fashion and technology in a wide historical scope, from Sentimentalism to late Modernism. This makes the book a unique contribution to both literary and cultural studies. Elizabeth Eger. Bluestockings: Women of Reason from Enlightenment to Romanticism. Palgrave Macmillan, Claire Jowitt. Ashgate, The arguments are presented in a cohesive and logical manner, with full awareness of the theoretical and methodological aspects that currently characterize the study of these literary and cultural products.

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Written in a clear, precise and readable style, this valuable research work succeeds in showing the diversity and complexity of the ways in which the late Victorian and Edwardian girl was portrayed in print culture as a reflector of the imperial project. It may serve as a reliable source of erudite research for the specialist, but also as a volume of pleasant, intellectual reading for those interested in the history of imperial Britain, seen from a less common perspective.

What About the Rogue? This is a highly original work and a landmark study whose impact is likely to be long lasting. Victorian perceptions of visuality and modes of seeing are explored in great and fascinating detail with an eye to pun intended delineating this Victorian legacy in the contemporary world.

It also challenges those essentializing anthropological approaches that argue for the authenticity of what they regard as valid oral productions in Indigenous languages, as opposed to more recent artistic forms such as rock or rap. Ultimately, Russo gives this contested and ambiguous term a new dimension in the process of exploring oral and written text as a site of contact.

The Indigenous peoples of Australia have adapted and adopted the language of the colonizers to make it their own and to suit it to their own needs of self-expression. This well-written book makes a valuable intervention in the field of postcolonial studies. Yet, this intervention has a universal scope. Honourable Mentions: Alwin Frank Fill. The Language Impact.

Equinox, Honourable Mentions: Laura Cano Mora. Cristiano Furiassi. False Anglicisms in Italian. Polimetrica, From this singular horrific find, the truth about the locals and their past histories are revealed in a haunting depiction of everyday life under a canopy of grey desperation tinged with flashes of jollity. Homecoming by Susie Steiner Faber. I try not to make a habit of bursting into tears during take-off and landing but that moment came during an easyJet flight at a particular point of this touching novel.

And I was to repeat this from time to time as I turned the pages. It's a novel about family and relationships — the need for intimacy and reinforcement from family and yet the desire to reject and be separate from it, and how expectations, hopes and needs often reside internally and are rarely openly articulated. The most unputdownable book of the year for me was Tom Watson and Martin Hickman's superb account of the phone-hacking affair, Dial M for Murdoch Penguin. They have been a publishing sensation in Norway; I can't recommend them highly enough. Read the two volumes back to back, then start counting the days until the third one comes out next spring … Finally, Lawrence Osborne's novel The Forgiven Hogarth shows two cultures clashing in the heat of the Moroccan desert.

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Osborne's writing is dazzlingly brilliant, and he has produced a hugely elegant thriller that builds to a shattering conclusion. I was engaged, by this debut novel by Susie Steiner, from the very first page. It made me laugh, cry and had to stay up late to finish it — all the qualities I look for in a good book.

I can't wait to read her next novel and would highly recommend this one to others. Alan Johnson's moving childhood autobiography This Boy Bantam Press of poverty, deprivation and stunted education, buttressed by mother and sisterly love in postwar London, reminds us that some politicians — increasingly a minority — can speak with authority and experience of the gap in understanding between the rich and the poor.

Oxford EAP - Interview with Edward de Chazal

His final notebooks have been skillfully edited by Artemis Copper and Colin Thubron. Its magical prose takes the young PLF through Bulgaria and Roumania with spell binding encounters of the young , old and eccentric. Salter takes his publisher hero from the Pacific war arena to late age, heading for the sunset in Venice. On the way we are treated to his relationships with wives and lovers that open and fold against a background of American and European settings over decades.

Salter is a master of sentences, that shimmer and shock you such that you pause in sheer admiration at his descriptive powers. The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer HarperCollins is told in the first person by Matthew, in his late teens at the start of the novel, who wryly describes his treatment by social services and mental health practitioners as he copes with the vicissitudes of his life and his illness. Green has tackled the very sad, sensitive subject of young cancer with such skill and humanity. I was bowled over by this book, and by Hazel and Augustus, the two American teenage characters.

They both were such real, vivid young people, very much of their time and generation. The story deals with coping with physical adversity, fear of death, and also falling in love and loss. Relationships between teenage friends and their parents are all treated with thoughtful respect. I wholeheartedly recommend it for any age of reader from 15 years up.

Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature

In Javier Marias's mesmerising The Infatuations Hamish Hamilton , the narrator Maria's compulsive daily observation of a model couple in a Madrid cafe morphs from romance to murder mystery and on into metaphysics. The magic of Marias's writing derives from the fluidly shifting conjectures, qualifications and modifications of his prose, unravelling individual perception into nuanced medications on love, time and death.

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  • [PDF] Sylvia Plath and the Theatre of Mourning (Oxford English Monographs) Popular Colection.

The result is a magisterial evocation of emotional flux and preoccupation with the ordering containment of art. In a Guardian interview Marias stated that the novelist's function was "a way of imparting, recognition of things that you didn't know you knew". There is a quality of fantastic normality in his novels as he dredges up the familiar from bizarre, claustrophobic, almost gothic events and obsessions.

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It records the lengthy struggle she had throughout the s and 50s with male "editors" including Cyril Connolly and John Lehmann. Aunty Beeb and Michael Horovitz ignited the recognition she so craved in the 60s til her death. It is both heart-opening and -breaking. It is especially intuitive about her poetically unpredictable last book, The Blue Flower , which I have been re-reading with pleasure. It is as much about what he calls "close reading" as about blurring the lines between psychotherapy and literature. It will bring much pleasure to all of the "Finn Family Moomintroll" from nine to The Mandate of Heaven by Tim Murgatroyd Myrmidon completes an epic trilogy of conflict, culture and passion in medieval China as the brutal Mongol occupation of the Middle Kingdom threatens civilised ancient tradition.

Its imagery is gently poetic and complements the robustness of the narrative. Far away in time and space; contemporary in issues, character and relationships. The reissue of Stoner by John Williams Vintage has brought deserved acclaim. It is the deeply affecting story of a University of Missouri lecturer whose life is brushed throughout by misfortune and injustice. William Stoner stands alone and dignified in the face of a cruelly unearned destiny. His self-effacement is truly heroic. Referencing the whole of the Western canon in range and themes, his poems return frequently to the profound influence of his island upbringing on Lewis.

Control, skill, humility, eloquence. July by Sean McMeekin Icon Books gave a day-to-day account of the toing and froing between the chancelleries of Europe from 28 June that year, when the Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated, and 4 August, when the German invasion of Belgium brought Britain into the war. The contrast between the statesmen's cynicism and the double-dealing — that resulted in nine million deaths, the Russian Revolution and, arguably, the second world war — and the intimate stories of the horrors in all the theatres of the war should make a peace-lover of the fiercest warmonger.

A Possible Life by Sebastian Fauks Vintage , a novel in five parts, is a truly remarkable book that acts as a prism of people's lives through which we are allowed many glimpses. The stories range in setting from to , but occur in no particular order, as connections of being are sought and life-changing choices made. In a true Faulks masterstroke, he takes you inside the skin of each individual character until you breathe their breath, inhabit their minds and experience their inevitable fates, with an inability to change their course of action, however much you wish you could.

He offers an overall omniscience that makes you sigh once the die is cast. But thoughts still circulate even after the final curtain falls, allowing a whiff of "what if" to those still living. Fearfully overlooked fiction this year is best summed up by the criminal inattention given to Byron Easy by Jude Cook William Heinemann. It's a novel in the grand, garrulous tradition of Amis, Bellow and Roth. A bitter tale of a hard-knock life by a narrator too clever by half, yet with a genuine reason to view the world askance.

We meet him on a train about to leave London for Leeds, and along the way he unfolds his screwed-up life. Fernando Pessoa's Philosophical Essays Contra Mundum Press — fresh from his seemingly inexhaustible posthumous trunk — presents early theoretical work ascribed to two English heteronyms. The heady, Bradleyan world his exact contemporary Eliot inhabited for a time infused their later writing: Eliot with J.

Dunne; Pessoa with his cast of speculative writing. David Pollard's Self-Portraits Waterloo is a virtuoso series of imaginary self-portraits, featuring artists from ancient Egypt to now. It stretches Pollard's linguistic brilliance with human resonance, confirming his unique place in British poetry. In Mario Petrucci's anima Nine Arches , the tensile delicacy of Petrucci's modernist love lyrics springs back with an English baroque, Miltonic surprise.

Between line-breaks rests a declamatory silence tested to snapping. This is major work to cast shadows. It should be mandatory reading for all people on creative writing courses.

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If one imagines the life of a writer as a fey dreamer, read this and think again.